Simplified French Polish Finish

 Shellac Drum  Danish Oil Tin  Furniture Wax Tin

The finish on the item is a simplified version of the traditional French polish process.

First the item is sanded to 120 grit and sealed with a coating of Shellac,  this raises the grain of the wood. A second sanding is performed followed again by a coating of shellac. The first coating of shellac is applied with a brush, all subsequent coatings are applied with a clean rag.

This process is repeated through a series of grits 220, 400 and 600. You are after a surface that does not raise the grain with repeated shellac applications. The surface should feel smooth and retain the feel of wood.

Once the highest grit has been achieved then a first coat of Oil is applied, let the oil soak into the wood for at least 30 minutes. After this time any excess can be wipe off.  Studio Flint uses the Organoil brands of oil specifically the Danish Oil. The product is all natural and hippy safe.

A small amount of  oil is applied to the surface and sanded using a random orbital sander with at least 1,200 grit paper. The orbital sander will help set the oil and fill the grain.

Leave the item overnight for the finish to set.

Next day give the item a going over with some furniture wax, apply with 0000 steel wool. Studio Flint uses the Gilly Stephenson’s brands of waxes specifically the Furniture Makers Wax.

To clean the item a damp cloth is all that should be needed. Once a year you should re-wax the item as described above.